Farewell at Lexmark

Life will never be the same after tomorrow. I am saying goodbye to the corporate world. To those who have worked with me, you have an idea on how passionate I am in my job. I was never in a company that I didn’t succeed at. I made sacrifices just to be the best. Others call me perfectionist, and I don’t agree with them. Nobody is perfect, and nothing can be perfect. Same as my stay in Lexmark. It seems through my posts that I had a perfect life in Lexmark, but I didn’t. We don’t live in a perfect … Continue reading Farewell at Lexmark


Let me write a letter to you that you shouldn’t be reading. Let me tell you about my feelings that you shouldn’t know. Let me cry about my everyday longing that you shouldn’t see. Let me touch your soul that you shouldn’t feel. Whenever I wake up, and I don’t have you right next to me It kills me. It kills the idea of exchanging morning kisses with you That we don’t care if our morning breaths are unbearable. That we don’t care if our faces are oily and messy. Whenever I take a shower, and you’re not there to … Continue reading LDR

How did you Know

  How did you know that I sleep alone at night and in the morning, I still am?   How did you know That I now cook for one And when I eat, I’m still the only one?   How did you know That I am longing for someone Who could make me smile again And make me believe in love again?   How did you know That I need mending For this broken heart of mine?   How did you know That you are the one to put the shine back to my sun?   And how did you … Continue reading How did you Know

One Call

I got this call today, exciting and psychedelic Never guessed that it will be intoxicating. It has been years since I heard your name. A friend of ours told me that she saw you really happy. And I assume that the call is gonna end soon Leaving me skittish and optimistic, probably   And she began telling me that you talked About her, about me, about our history. And she began sharing how you moved on From me, about us, and about your misery.   Tears started to run, as I started to run back To the memory we once … Continue reading One Call

Out of Sorts

Lately, I found myself staring at the moon. Not wishing, not dreaming, not hoping. I used to send my whisper of wishes for him and myself That we will always be together, maybe not always happy But always right next to each other no matter what. I thought the moon heard me. We were, but didn’t know that it’s not gonna be forever.   Lately, I found myself staring at the stars. Not wishing, not dreaming, not hoping. This time, wondering how a great love Became the greatest pain, the biggest disappointment. How a simple truth turned into the most … Continue reading Out of Sorts

Is it Okay if I can’t Call you “Mine”?

…so you come clean and you think that after this avowal, things will get back to how we were? … and you really think that I’ll just accept you once again? At night, I wake up and catch myself sobbing. Wondering if you are indeed sorry, asking myself if a second chance, you deserve, or maybe it’s just something that you will put to waste. I know, I’m not the only woman who went through this. There is so much pain behind the smiles of the passers-by and who knows, a few women in my circle once were scorned, just … Continue reading Is it Okay if I can’t Call you “Mine”?